SoulSpark sisters unite September 4th in a private Facebook group designed to help you through midlife chaos.  This program will focus on our nutrition, our fitness, our lifestyle. It will give us the tools to stop the negative self talk, to stop the calorie counting, to find self love an self worth.  In it you will gain confidence, feel sexy again, have take away tools that will be with you forever to stop the rollercoaster of gaining & loosing weight.


Join us for 30 days – $299, join before August 15th save $99 – 30 days of habits to help identify awareness – awareness of food, nutrition, energy & mindset.  Individualized nutrition programs, fitness videos to get you moving, nutrition tips, recipes & help getting organized & prepared.


Join us for 60 days – $399, join before August 15th save $99 – everything in the 30 day package plus a band to use at home or travel for exercise, as well as an individualized lifestyle program where we identify the parts of your life that are strong & that need work, who is your saboteur. who is the captain of your ship, what is holding you back from being the absolute best you can be.


Join us for 90 days – $499, join before August 15th save $99 – everything in the 30 & 60 day program plus 4 one on one live coaching session with Coach Kim.  This is where we can hash out ideas, create accountability, & carve out a path for a bright future full of love & adventure.  The coaching sessions get real very quickly when you are asked to dig deep to find answers to questions about yourself.

Coach Kim will be a great support  to help develop a goal sheet that encompasses what you are looking for.
We start with the question Why & never look back.  “Fear is nothing but an irrational response to the unknown”.

There is nothing to fear once we add information & content & make the unknown known.