Real life and what it actually means – said best by Dr. JOHN Berardi

  • all the kids are sick (at the same time) so no one is getting any sleep
  • the holidays have cut your work project short and your deadlines are tighter
  • when you are stressed you lower back acts up
  • and just as you are heading to gym for a 30 minute workout your dog pukes on the front step

So if you resonate with any of these life points, it’s no wonder why fitness and eating clean resolutions fail.  Real human lives are messy and complicated. Real human lives are unpredictable.  This year, I’d like the year to be flexible and live within the context of our real human lives.

I run a nutrition & fitness coaching company.  Clients go through a coaching program to make their health & fitness goals a reality, even as the chaos of life continues.

Here are some of the most common and amazing tips from real life clients:


Check in with yourself every morning.

“I start my day with reading my Precision Nutrition Coaching lesson. It’s essentially plugging into myself first thing every morning. By doing the program work when I wake up, I remind myself that when I am healthy and happy, I have more to give to the world.”


Eat protein at breakfast.

“I include protein at every breakfast.  My favourite:  breakfast meatballs.  Turkey & shredded veggies, quick oats, egg whites & spices made into balls & cooked in muffin trays in advance.  Then I heat them up in the morning”


Bring a lunch you’re excited to eat.

“I bring a lunch that is a simple salad with quality lunch meat for protein.  Adding little extras like seeds & nuts to my salad along with avocado makes it something I look forward to eating, instead of leftovers that I would rather leave behind when others are going out for lunch.”


Pre-prep dinners.

“PREP!  This has been huge for me.  I come home late and I’m often rushed to get food in me.  Now I just take everything I’ve already cut up or cooked (in advance) & put in a pan.  It’s a much less rush-y situation, which carries over eating…so I’m eating slowly & not inhaling food right past my full point.”


Eat at the table.

“In the last while, I ate in a rush, then ran off to the next activity (soccer, coaching, etc.).  I have been making a conscious effort to sit down and slowly eat the meal so I can actually remember tasting and enjoying it.”


Exercise whenever, wherever, and however possible.

“I never choose the closest parking spot, this way I can get in a little more walking.  Also during the school day (I’m a teacher), I walk around my classroom as students are working trying to just get a few more steps in.”


Get all sorts of support.

“I use a meal service for healthy meals, which are pre-portioned.  I commute an hour each way to/from work and I work long hours as an attorney, so having the ingredients there with recipes has helped immensely.”


Aim for a “little better” instead of “perfect”.

“It’s not about being perfect.  It’s about gradual and continuous improvement.  I used to get really down on myself if I ate unhealthy or missed some workouts and felt like I had failed.  Now I feel that I’ve put in some great work, and I can do even better tomorrow and next week.”


Find accountability.

“My coach consistently reaches out to me, and the Precision Nutrition lessons remind me to move daily and claim the day for myself.  Doing those things before I head out to work keeps me focused.  It reminds me this is my life and my choices can be life-affirming in every moment”.


Show up again the next morning.

“Show up each day and do what you can on that day.  Don’t jump ahead.  This is not a race.  It’s not a diet.  It’s your life.”

Now what – let’s look at real life resolutions and what to do next!


What does a renewed commitment to health and  fitness look like for you in the context of your own unique, interesting & challenging life?  How could you aim to make things a little bit better this year, instead of perfect or nothing?


Even if there’s lots you want to change, think back and call out at least two or three things you did well this past year. Give yourself a pat on the back for any and all signs of progress, no matter how small.


What challenges do you anticipate might interfere with the progress you want to make? Think about those roadblocks now. Consider some adjustments and workarounds in advance.


What is the one little thing you could do today to help you prepare for success this year? Maybe it’s researching a healthy meal delivery service for busy weeks, downloading a relaxing meditation podcast, or booking a babysitter one evening a week. Take one small action now, and you’ll already be on your way.


Coaches can help you with your goals, keep you accountable, pick you up when you get down, dust you off and set you back on track.

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