A Soul Spark is the feeling of possibility and excitement deep within you. These ignitions of inspiration can incite big changes, new direction, and a better future. We empower individuals struggling to find time for themselves & their health through defined, personalized workouts, nutrition, meals plans and scheduling.  Let us help you find the light.  



  • 8 On-Demand One Hour Classes


  • 8 On-Demand One Hour Classes
  • 3 Custom Workouts
  • Personalized Nutrition Guide


  • 8 On-Demand One Hour Classes
  • 3 Custom Workouts
  • Personalized Nutrition Guide
  • Resistance & Cardio Training Plan
  • Behaviour & Nutrition Lessons
  • 2 One Hour Coaching Calls

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“Life is made of memorable moments. We must teach ourselves to really live…to love the journey not the destination.”

– Anna Quindlen, Author and Journalist


“Kim’s energy is infectious, she’s transformational in what she’s been able to inspire me to do, she’s a great runner and she’s super nice and fun!””
– Sloan 

“Coach Kim is one keystroke away and has been a valuable asset to my success so far. I am looking forward to the rest of the journey with this awesome program and coach.”
– Joan 

“I feel it’s necessary to give credit where it’s due and you truly gave me that want to “be better than yesterday feeling” with every run and push through my bubble and I honestly feel so proud to have accomplished that and become a flipping marathoner!!!! Only going to keep going up from here so thank you again for helping me break new ground and I will definitely be in touch as I’ve got my sights on some new goals.”
– Casey

Kim pushes me to work hard behind my expectations.  The strength & confidence that comes with that spills over long after my session at the gym is over.”
– Patti


Kim BruceSoul Spark Coach
“It is never too late for a new start”. Kim Bruce. This is my motto, this is what I live by, this is what my clients see everyday. This deep rooted passion to help my clients see the untapped potential is what I fell in love with as a specialist in nutrition & fitness.
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Achieve Your Fitness & Nutrition Goals